Kelsey Hayes Coots will be an independent watchdog rooting out waste and abuse. 

Restoring Trust and Faith in Government

Kentuckians deserve a government we can trust.  A trusted government is an effective government, more capable of playing a key role in our progress. Kelsey is an experienced leader and she will make the Auditor’s office into a place that delivers results for Kentuckians.  

Kelsey will be an independent watchdog for Kentuckians, focusing on government transparency and accountability. Kelsey’s platform focuses on two areas – transparency and accountability- and contains specific, concrete, strategic objectives within each of those areas. Kelsey has a clear vision for the Auditor’s office and her track record of being an exemplary leader will drive her team and bring that vision into reality, and restore trust and faith in government.

Increasing Transparency

Government operates at its best in the light of day and we know that transparency builds trust. Kentuckians deserve to know where their tax dollars are being spent.

To increase transparency in the Auditor’s office, and in state and local government, Kelsey will:

  • Publish expenses of the Auditor’s office online
  • Implement a text/email alert program for Kentuckians to be able to receive audits related to their county, and any other areas of interest, as soon as they are released
  • Modernize the Auditor’s website to ensure that it is accessible and navigable for all
  • Create simple and easy to understand audit cover reports that accompany full audits to better communicate findings to taxpayers
  • Utilize multiple mediums – infographics, videos, etc. – to explain audit findings in a comprehensible way

Strengthening Accountability

Entities that receive taxpayer dollars, and the folks that lead those offices,  must be accountable to the people. While we will identify and deal with bad actors, we will also elevate the public servants doing good, ethical work in state and local government.   

To strengthen accountability in the Auditor’s office, and in state and local government Kelsey will:

  • Increase the awareness of the SAFE-house program, the program that provides a safe and secure way for taxpayers to anonymously report waste, fraud and abuse
  • Create a “Good Government” recognition program for entities and leaders that are doing good, ethical and efficient work
  • Empower citizen auditors across communities in Kentucky to monitor how taxpayer dollars are spent by creating a hub of informational resources to aid them in monitoring their government